Client Testimonials

We are beyond thrilled that we wisely chose Lindsay to be our birth doula. The immediate connection we felt with her was reassuring and the feeling she left us with after that initial meeting was lasting and made a real impression. I am one to always follow my gut on things, so that’s exactly what I did when I chose her. Best decision ever!The weeks leading up to our big day were exciting and Lindsay was so sweet to share in that excitement. She was always positive and supportive and leant helpful advice and suggestions. She made us feel as though we were important and cared for. When it came to our big event, she was everything we had hoped she could be for us. She was encouraging and respectful and absolutely selfless in every way. She has a true nature and quality about her and we feel like she has a special place in our hearts and our family. Thank you for a job well done Lindsay! I would absolutely recommend her to anyone hoping for a loving and supportive doula!

As first time parents, we were super grateful to have Lindsay as our doula and support system. She helped us navigate through preparations for the birth of our son, providing us with lots of information and tips and tricks to make us as informed as possible. She was also a much appreciated calming presence in the room when our son’s delivery did not go as planned, helping us ask questions and consider all options as we made decisions about the birth.  Lindsay is an empathetic and extremely kind spirit that would make a great addition to your birth team. We couldn’t have done it without her!

We initially "hired" our doula when we were aiming for an unmedicated vaginal delivery. When a c-section became our only option, I asked myself if I still needed her services. The answer to that was a huge YES. Lindsay was there for both Tyson and I every step of the way. She came out and calmed me before our ECV (version) procedure, held my hand as I had a massive panic attack afterward, and helped me grieve the loss of my "perfect birth plan." She showed up at 5 am and gave me the confidence to walk into that OR and take on a new challenge. Lindsay became much more than a doula during those days. She is family.  

Lindsay is one of the sweetest spirits I have ever met. My husband and I are so grateful that we were able to have Lindsay help us with the preparation and birth of our baby girl. She is an amazing woman and such a great doula! I don't know if I could have made it through my unmedicated hospital birth without her tender encouragement and her labor/birthing knowledge and expertise. She knew I could do it even when I thought I couldn't. Thank you Lindsay, we have a special place in our hearts for you!!!  

Lindsay was a truly valuable part of our birth experience! She was prepared with valuable information and insights catered to us in all of our visits leading up to the birth and she took good notes on things that I wanted in my birth plan that she was able to remind me during labor. These included specific relaxation cues and techniques that I forgot about in the moment but that made all the difference when I was actually in labor. She was also really effective with the little things that made a big difference: she thought about creating an ambiance in the delivery room that helped me relax, she was there to grab a cold towel for my head when I was pushing, there to pour water over me when I was trying to relax in the tub, had a constant, calming presence. She also helped my husband know what to do and how to be supportive which is what we both wanted.

Lindsay was also respectful of my desire and change of plans. My initial plan was to do my whole labor and delivery completely natural but I decided to have an epidural when I was dilated to a 6. She was respectful and helpful in making that decision while reminding me of other things we could try before I went that route (which is what I wanted her to do, as per our birth plan) and she was no less valuable for the rest of my labor and delivery! I felt safe and cared for with her there and she helped me truly relax and focus when it came time to deliver our son--I only pushed for 30 minutes! I am a first time mom and I think having had the experience I would be up for trying to do natural again for our next baby and Lindsay would be my first choice to help moderate that experience! She was awesome and had a great, approachable, down to earth personality that my husband and I could instantly feel comfortable around.   

We had our first baby in February, 2017. If and when we decide to have another I will definitely hire Lindsay again. The support she offered us was incredibly helpful - especially in the days leading up to labor but even more so during labor! Her knowledge in this field is superb as she is passionate about being a doula. Her goal was to make sure we felt 100% supported with our birth plan. She has a calm and peaceful demeanor which we love! We love Lindsay!