Doula Services on Your Baby Registry

Wanna know what most people say when asked if they’ll be adding a doula to their birth team? Can you guess it? No? Well, don’t worry—I'll tell you…

“That would be really cool, but I just can’t afford it.”

Aaah! You guys, finances can be so hard! I know. I get it. Before I really knew what a doula was, I think I would have had the same response. It is hard to imagine spending money on a doula when you're already thinking of all the medical bills you’ll have once baby arrives. Insurance generally doesn’t cover doula services, so what’s a girl to do?!

Y’all. There are so many wonderful options (another blog post topic, maybe?), but today, I’m here to share with you the latest and greatest from Lindsay Dougal—an option to add my services to a baby registry!

“What?! I can have my family and friends assist me in securing a loving and supportive birth team?"

I’m just as excited as you are! Below is a video tutorial on how to add birth doula services from Lindsay Dougal, Doula to your baby registry. 


1- Before doing anything else, schedule a free consultation with me to ensure we are a good fit, and to verify I am available during your estimated birthing time. A deposit will be required to secure your date in my calendar, but we can discuss this during our consultation

2- Create an online registry—BabyList and are two good options. *Instructions vary slightly from registry to registry, but are basically the same. Follow the prompts for setting up a registry and you should be just fine. I will be using BabyList for this tutorial

3- Follow the instructions in this video! (Link to Client Shop to add item)